Vietnamese music, culture and dance

The famous Vietnamese dances are as follows;
a.       Fan Dance: The fan dance is performed in different theaters, festivals and courts. The specialty of this type of dance is the colorful costumes of the performers. Along with traditional costumes, different colorful fans are used in this dance. There are two types of fans, used in this dance. First one is made of feathers which arecomparatively larger in size. The second one, smaller is size, is made from woods. The fans express the grace and attractiveness, fine-tuning and delicacy.
b.      Hat Dance:  This is another famous and traditional Vietnamese dance. This dance depict the grace, beauty, love and attraction the Vietnamese women. The dance also expresses the daily chores of Vietnamese women.   
You can learn a lot about the Vietnamese music and culture and dance but there are some interesting facts about the Vietnam. Gongs are used in Vietnamese schools, instead of bells. It is said that music and dance do not have one particular language or country. This statement of about the music is justified while witnessing the Vietnam’s traditional music and seeing the traditional fan and the hat dance of Vietnam. The traditional festivals are the best place to enjoy the Vietnamese local music and dances. The tourists always include a visit to theater, in their trip so that they can enjoy the local music and dance.

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