Vietnam traditional dance and music

Vietnam, located in south East Asia stretches over 1600 kilometers from north to south. The country is known for the rich culture, scenic beauty, the large belts of agricultural lands, thick vegetation, dark green mountains and numerous sandy beaches. It is said that Vietnamese culture is the mixture of three layers, the ancient local culture, Indochina culture and a culture which nurtured due to interaction with western’s culture.  1955 to 1975 is considered as the dark phase in the Vietnam’s history. After 1970 the country united and emerged as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The music of 1960, s and 1970, sis inspired fromthe cold war era. The music of that era generally consists of war protest songs.
Vietnamese Music
The values of the rich culture are highlighted in the music. The diversity of the culture is expressed in the Vietnamese music.  Folk or the traditional, the music covers all the tentacles of the culture. The famous music instruments are mainly string, wind and percussion based. Some of the main instruments of Vietnam are as follows;
a.       Dan Bau: This is the traditional Vietnamese instrument which emanates soft and serene tunes. The music historians believe that this instrumentexisted since the dynastic era Vietnam.  Dan Bau is made of soundboards which act as the resonators. The other parts are a spout, a gourd, a string and the tuning pegs.
b.      Dan gao: This spring consists of bowed-springs and two strings. Seashells and coconut shell are also used for making Dan gao.
c.       Sao: This instrument is similar to the flutes. This instrument is made of bamboo.  This instrument is used in Vietnamese contemporary and folk music.

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