Vietnam food and culture

Social republic of Vietnam is located on the eastern boundary of Indochina Peninsula in south Asia. The ancient Dong Son culture is the base of contemporary Vietnamese culture. Wet rice agriculture is the major economic base of the country. Rice is one of the primary ingredients of Vietnamese food. The food is especially known for harmonious tastes, diversity, low fat, spices and the appetite of dishes. Northern Vietnam is known for balanced flavors with subtle combination of condiments. Central Vietnam produces maximum spices in the country, which also highlighted in the spicy foods. Due to warm weather the foods in southern Vietnam include vibrant, flavorful dishes with subtle use of garlic, shallots and fresh herbs. The ethnic minorities also use pig meat and ducks roasted with a special spice leaf. Banh canh (Anoodle dish), Banh bao(A dumpling), Banh beo(A rice cake), Banh cuon(Roll), Ban tom(A seafood dish) and doughnuts are the famous dishes of the country.

The routine cuisine includes the following thing;
a.    Rice in different forms. Generally boiled rice is used.
b.    Steamed or fried meat or different sea foods.
c.    A soup( There is a great diversity in soups)
d.    Sausages for the dipping purposes.
Vietnam is known for the rich culture, lot of vegetation and a number of festivals. Due to this trait the country has become the destination of many tourists all over the world. After 1990 the state has put in the lot of the effort and investment in the tourism. The official figures show that more than 5 million international tourists visited the country in 2012.The festivals in the country are based on the lunar calendar.  The Chinese also have an effect on the Vietnamese culture. The versatile foods, rich and diverse culture, tourism spots and hospitability of Vietnamese culture,make it a great place to visit.

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