Top Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

Vietnam is a place filled with histories but also, has it’s own share of many places which tourists from all over the world is taking their chances to see and experience the beautiful things all over the place and get some adventures only in Vietnam could be experienced. If your looking for clean beaches to have some fun under the sun, then Phu Quoc is for you. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, undamaged coral reefs and a very nice view of the beach from a rental jet ski you’ll be driving on is enough to call it overwhelming for the rest of the day.
I know you heard about the Vietnam war if you’re kind of familiar of history, now Vietnam has a unique place for you,it’s called Cu Chi Tunnels, not just witness but to be walking, yes!, walking literally on the place where the Vet Cong Guerrillas were hiding during the Vietnam war in 1968. It is a network of tunnels that would be remarkable enough for you to take yourself inside the tunnels and see the history right all around you and the ground you’re walking on, of course you can only walk in safer parts of the tunnels, but rest assured, your experience in the Cu Chi tunnels will be an experience worth-remembering.
Legends also has something to offer you in Vietnam, one of the major scenic spots in Hanoi, there’s Hoan Kiem lake, Hoan Kiem means “The Returned Sword”. It is a place where people used to spend their leisure time to get some fresh air around the historical place. Legend says a person named King Le Loi acquired a sword from the gods and used it to fight off the invading Chinese, when victory was at hand, he returned it to the Golden Turtle God which is in the lake. Maybe sometime when you were there, you might see the glowing back of the turtle god and be as fortunate as granted wishes.

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