Promotion programs offered by the Vietnam airlines

There are numerous promotion programs offered by the Vietnam airlines. One of the major offers is the endless shopping and travelling with Vietnam airlines and Techcombank visa. This offer is for the Vietnam airlines Techcombank visa card holders. The Golden Lotus program is another well received offer. The programoffers the cardholders to 5 chances of winning the 35000 bonus miles.
A summary of reviews on Vietnam airlines business is as follows (The review is based on the experience and feedback of the national and foreign passengers).
a.       Food:  Typical Vietnamese food is a thing which we cannot get in any other airline. Delicious soups, salads, appetizers, multiple trays of fresh fruits, cheese and the ice-cream makes an ideal and healthy meal while travelling. Most of the travelers love the meals offered by the Vietnamese airlines which keeps on coming.  Generally the airlines offer two meals in the long flights.
b.      Uniforms: The pretty traditional and colorful uniforms of the crew are also fascinating the travelers.
c.       Quick push-back: The complete process from getting the boardingpass to take off is simple and easy. So you do not much time in the lengthy process.  After some mandatory procedures the aircraft is ready for the push-back and takeoff.
d.      Seats: The seats are comfy and well-furnished in all the classes.
e.      Entertainment system: Personal touch screens with different entertainment features minimize the travelling fatigue.
Some of the major points of the concerns of Vietnam airlines business are initial temperature settings, amenity services, storage places and facilities available at the airport.  To conclude, the facilities offered meets the requirements of the modern travelling facilities but it needs improvement in some aspects.

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