How to get a Vietnam business visa

As a businessman it is very important to know about the traditions, cultural values and the condition of the local market. If you are planning to get a business visa for Vietnam then this post will help you. Before listing the steps involved in getting the business visa for Vietnam I would like to highlight the Vietnam’s business world. This article can help you if you are looking to start a new business in Vietnam.
The Business Market of the Vietnam works in a very systematic and hierarchical manner. Generally the owners, board of directors or the senior managers are responsible for the decision making. So if you are looking to start a joint venture or even an independent venture then you should pay the due respect to the old managers and owners of companies which will directly or indirectly affect your business. The businessmen of the country and the customers are very particular about the status. The ranking of status is based on the services, education of the staff and experience. The business is dominated by the men.  Generally the women are involved in the lower stages of the business. But like any other modern and developed country, Vietnam business offers equals opportunities for men and women to work side by side. The economy of Vietnam is based agriculture, tourism and services. The main agricultural products are rice, coffee, rubber, cotton, pepper etc.
If you are starting a business in Vietnam or you are going Vietnam for the business related deals then you require a business visa. The business visas are valid for the maximum of 6 months. An option of multiple entries is also offered in the Vietnam business visa. The steps involved in acquiring a Vietnam business visa are as follows;
a.    In order to get a Vietnam business visa, you need a passport. The passports should be valid for next six months and must be signed.
b.    The second step is complete the Vietnam visa application form. If you want a multiple entry visa for one year then you should obtain the approval from Vietnam Ministry of Foreign affairs.
c.    One passport size picture, taken in the last six months is required.
d.     The Vietnam embassy consular fee worth $65-$150 is charged.
e.    A letter along the capital visa services request form is also required. The letter is addressed to Vietnam embassy.
f.    There are numerous sample letters are available online. You can also download the application form online and apply online as well.
g.    You can opt for 3 months single/multiple entry visa.
Vietnam is considered as a true emerging market for the foreign exporters and investors. The figures of recent economic surveys show that economic growth in Vietnam has been almost 7.2 percent per year. The 6.5, 6.7 GDP growths were recorded in the 2010 and 2011. Despite of the global recession in the world’s economy, the exports of Vietnam increased by a considerable ratio. Ease in acquiring of business visa is one the factor in the attracting the foreign investors which have indirectly effects the country’s economy.

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