Best and top honeymoon resorts in Vietnam

Before planning a honeymoon place the first thing to consider is the ideal time to visit. Vietnam is one of the countries which almost equal opportunities throughout the year. The online reviews show that September to April is the best time to visit the country. In this time period the weather is generally less humid.
Based on the reviews of previous visitors, the top honeymoon resorts in Vietnam are as follows;
a.    Halong Bay:  Halong Bay is also known as the Bay of descending dragons. This is the famous tourist resort of Vietnam is considered as a mystical and magnificent place. Halong Bay is a world heritage which never fails to impress the visitors. According to UNESCO figure the Halong Bay of Vietnam is among the world’s best heritage sites due to cultural and historical importance and the geographical uniqueness. Along with the huge Bay, more than 2,000 uninhibited limestone cliffs make Halong Bay, a top ranked tourism spot.   Due to large number of the visitors every year there are more than 300 local agencies which sell the tours to Halong Bay. It is always a great idea to spend a night onthe Cat BA Island.
b.    Muine Beach: Muine beach is another honeymoon resort in the Vietnam. Most of the touristslove to spend a night on the beach. There are numerous waterfront guest houses on the beach. The beach is among the well planned tourist spots of the world. The actual village Mui Ne is constructed on the far northern side of kilometres-long beach. The rest of the beach contains a huge number of traditional and contemporary guest houses.
c.    Nha Thrang: Nha Trang city can be dived into two parts. Eastern part is the hub of the commerce activities coupled with numerous beaches. The western part encompasses several hotels, tourist shops, bars and international restaurants.   The resorts are famous for the boat trips and scuba diving facilities.
d.    Dalat: Dalat is also known as “Le Petit Paris”. Golf courses, ancient Indochina temples mainly attract the couples. The city is surrounded of the thick mountains and beaches. In Dalat, newly wedded couples love to visit the beachfront bars for the cocktails and comfort. The dotted villages contain the temples which expresses the true Indochina ancient culture.

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