Top Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

Vietnam is a place filled with histories but also, has it’s own share of many places which tourists from all over the world is taking their chances to see and experience the beautiful things all over the place and get some adventures only in Vietnam could be experienced. If your looking for clean beaches to have some fun under the sun, then Phu Quoc is for you. White sandy beaches, crystal clear water, undamaged coral reefs and a very nice view of the beach from a rental jet ski you’ll be driving on is enough to call it overwhelming for the rest of the day.
I know you heard about the Vietnam war if you’re kind of familiar of history, now Vietnam has a unique place for you,it’s called Cu Chi Tunnels, not just witness but to be walking, yes!, walking literally on the place where the Vet Cong Guerrillas were hiding during the Vietnam war in 1968. It is a network of tunnels that would be remarkable enough for you to take yourself inside the tunnels and see the history right all around you and the ground you’re walking on, of course you can only walk in safer parts of the tunnels, but rest assured, your experience in the Cu Chi tunnels will be an experience worth-remembering.
Legends also has something to offer you in Vietnam, one of the major scenic spots in Hanoi, there’s Hoan Kiem lake, Hoan Kiem means “The Returned Sword”. It is a place where people used to spend their leisure time to get some fresh air around the historical place. Legend says a person named King Le Loi acquired a sword from the gods and used it to fight off the invading Chinese, when victory was at hand, he returned it to the Golden Turtle God which is in the lake. Maybe sometime when you were there, you might see the glowing back of the turtle god and be as fortunate as granted wishes.

How to get a Vietnam business visa

As a businessman it is very important to know about the traditions, cultural values and the condition of the local market. If you are planning to get a business visa for Vietnam then this post will help you. Before listing the steps involved in getting the business visa for Vietnam I would like to highlight the Vietnam’s business world. This article can help you if you are looking to start a new business in Vietnam.
The Business Market of the Vietnam works in a very systematic and hierarchical manner. Generally the owners, board of directors or the senior managers are responsible for the decision making. So if you are looking to start a joint venture or even an independent venture then you should pay the due respect to the old managers and owners of companies which will directly or indirectly affect your business. The businessmen of the country and the customers are very particular about the status. The ranking of status is based on the services, education of the staff and experience. The business is dominated by the men.  Generally the women are involved in the lower stages of the business. But like any other modern and developed country, Vietnam business offers equals opportunities for men and women to work side by side. The economy of Vietnam is based agriculture, tourism and services. The main agricultural products are rice, coffee, rubber, cotton, pepper etc.
If you are starting a business in Vietnam or you are going Vietnam for the business related deals then you require a business visa. The business visas are valid for the maximum of 6 months. An option of multiple entries is also offered in the Vietnam business visa. The steps involved in acquiring a Vietnam business visa are as follows;
a.    In order to get a Vietnam business visa, you need a passport. The passports should be valid for next six months and must be signed.
b.    The second step is complete the Vietnam visa application form. If you want a multiple entry visa for one year then you should obtain the approval from Vietnam Ministry of Foreign affairs.
c.    One passport size picture, taken in the last six months is required.
d.     The Vietnam embassy consular fee worth $65-$150 is charged.
e.    A letter along the capital visa services request form is also required. The letter is addressed to Vietnam embassy.
f.    There are numerous sample letters are available online. You can also download the application form online and apply online as well.
g.    You can opt for 3 months single/multiple entry visa.
Vietnam is considered as a true emerging market for the foreign exporters and investors. The figures of recent economic surveys show that economic growth in Vietnam has been almost 7.2 percent per year. The 6.5, 6.7 GDP growths were recorded in the 2010 and 2011. Despite of the global recession in the world’s economy, the exports of Vietnam increased by a considerable ratio. Ease in acquiring of business visa is one the factor in the attracting the foreign investors which have indirectly effects the country’s economy.

Vietnam food and culture

Social republic of Vietnam is located on the eastern boundary of Indochina Peninsula in south Asia. The ancient Dong Son culture is the base of contemporary Vietnamese culture. Wet rice agriculture is the major economic base of the country. Rice is one of the primary ingredients of Vietnamese food. The food is especially known for harmonious tastes, diversity, low fat, spices and the appetite of dishes. Northern Vietnam is known for balanced flavors with subtle combination of condiments. Central Vietnam produces maximum spices in the country, which also highlighted in the spicy foods. Due to warm weather the foods in southern Vietnam include vibrant, flavorful dishes with subtle use of garlic, shallots and fresh herbs. The ethnic minorities also use pig meat and ducks roasted with a special spice leaf. Banh canh (Anoodle dish), Banh bao(A dumpling), Banh beo(A rice cake), Banh cuon(Roll), Ban tom(A seafood dish) and doughnuts are the famous dishes of the country.

The routine cuisine includes the following thing;
a.    Rice in different forms. Generally boiled rice is used.
b.    Steamed or fried meat or different sea foods.
c.    A soup( There is a great diversity in soups)
d.    Sausages for the dipping purposes.
Vietnam is known for the rich culture, lot of vegetation and a number of festivals. Due to this trait the country has become the destination of many tourists all over the world. After 1990 the state has put in the lot of the effort and investment in the tourism. The official figures show that more than 5 million international tourists visited the country in 2012.The festivals in the country are based on the lunar calendar.  The Chinese also have an effect on the Vietnamese culture. The versatile foods, rich and diverse culture, tourism spots and hospitability of Vietnamese culture,make it a great place to visit.

The Beaches and Nightlife in Vietnam

Despite a troubled history, Vietnam, of late, has transformed as the intersection of cultures of East and West. With some of the most exotic beaches of the world on its vast 3000 km coastline, the Vietnamese nightlife is welcoming if you are searching for a spot to party, dine and wine. Vietnam has some of the world’s most spectacular lagoons on its south coast. With a moderate sunshine round the year, this country is fast emerging as an attractive holiday destination.
The Nha Trnag Beach: A place bustling with life
Every beach on the coastline is charming in its own way. The most popular beach, Nha Trang offers the warmth of the sun and a lot of fun. You can indulge in snorkelling, surfing, diving and beat trips on the nearby isles. The surrounding waters are azure blue lined by green hills and tall palms. The best part is the whole area is pollution free as local people either commute by walking or by motor boats. The beach is famous for its sparkling nightlife, marked by bonfires and brilliant couples filled with energy, dancing around the fire.
The Mui Ne Beach: The tranquil beauty
However, if you are looking for some quite, then Mui Ne with its long, beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches lined with swaying palms is your heavenly abode. The resorts here are very comfortable and range from upscale hotels to bungalows. The calm winds of the beach attract the kite surfers; the waters around the beach are calm and have a variety of fishing life. The beach also showcases magnificent sand dunes which host the peaceful tent outings in the night.
The Phu Quoc Beach: In harmony with nature
If you want a place to lay nestled in the nature’s lap, the Phu Quoc Island is for you. With its perfectly turquoise waters and the whitest sands of the country, this gives the place for a much deserved vacation. Nature also bestows its bounty in the form of beautiful sunsets and sunrises here on the beach. With the stars overlooking you from heaven, this is the place to be.

Future plans of Vietnam regarding adult education

Future plans of Vietnam regarding adult education
a.    The government has laid focus on both the quality and quantity of adult education. Scholarships and financial assistance is the first step towards this goal.
b.    Different awareness techniques will be used to make the masses realize that adult education is the only way to progress.
c.    Minimizing the legal procedure for foreign education visas.
d.    Increase the financial funds in the education sector.
e.    Expand the existing infrastructure.
f.    Give incentives to private sector and foreign investors.

The Vietnamese government uses the terminology continuing education or non-formal education instead of adult learning education (the term used in  most of the developed countries). But whatever the term is used, the purpose remains the same that is to change the lifelong learning policies to improve the quantity and quality of adult education.

Vietnamese music, culture and dance

The famous Vietnamese dances are as follows;
a.       Fan Dance: The fan dance is performed in different theaters, festivals and courts. The specialty of this type of dance is the colorful costumes of the performers. Along with traditional costumes, different colorful fans are used in this dance. There are two types of fans, used in this dance. First one is made of feathers which arecomparatively larger in size. The second one, smaller is size, is made from woods. The fans express the grace and attractiveness, fine-tuning and delicacy.
b.      Hat Dance:  This is another famous and traditional Vietnamese dance. This dance depict the grace, beauty, love and attraction the Vietnamese women. The dance also expresses the daily chores of Vietnamese women.   
You can learn a lot about the Vietnamese music and culture and dance but there are some interesting facts about the Vietnam. Gongs are used in Vietnamese schools, instead of bells. It is said that music and dance do not have one particular language or country. This statement of about the music is justified while witnessing the Vietnam’s traditional music and seeing the traditional fan and the hat dance of Vietnam. The traditional festivals are the best place to enjoy the Vietnamese local music and dances. The tourists always include a visit to theater, in their trip so that they can enjoy the local music and dance.

Vietnam traditional dance and music

Vietnam, located in south East Asia stretches over 1600 kilometers from north to south. The country is known for the rich culture, scenic beauty, the large belts of agricultural lands, thick vegetation, dark green mountains and numerous sandy beaches. It is said that Vietnamese culture is the mixture of three layers, the ancient local culture, Indochina culture and a culture which nurtured due to interaction with western’s culture.  1955 to 1975 is considered as the dark phase in the Vietnam’s history. After 1970 the country united and emerged as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The music of 1960, s and 1970, sis inspired fromthe cold war era. The music of that era generally consists of war protest songs.
Vietnamese Music
The values of the rich culture are highlighted in the music. The diversity of the culture is expressed in the Vietnamese music.  Folk or the traditional, the music covers all the tentacles of the culture. The famous music instruments are mainly string, wind and percussion based. Some of the main instruments of Vietnam are as follows;
a.       Dan Bau: This is the traditional Vietnamese instrument which emanates soft and serene tunes. The music historians believe that this instrumentexisted since the dynastic era Vietnam.  Dan Bau is made of soundboards which act as the resonators. The other parts are a spout, a gourd, a string and the tuning pegs.
b.      Dan gao: This spring consists of bowed-springs and two strings. Seashells and coconut shell are also used for making Dan gao.
c.       Sao: This instrument is similar to the flutes. This instrument is made of bamboo.  This instrument is used in Vietnamese contemporary and folk music.

Promotion programs offered by the Vietnam airlines

There are numerous promotion programs offered by the Vietnam airlines. One of the major offers is the endless shopping and travelling with Vietnam airlines and Techcombank visa. This offer is for the Vietnam airlines Techcombank visa card holders. The Golden Lotus program is another well received offer. The programoffers the cardholders to 5 chances of winning the 35000 bonus miles.
A summary of reviews on Vietnam airlines business is as follows (The review is based on the experience and feedback of the national and foreign passengers).
a.       Food:  Typical Vietnamese food is a thing which we cannot get in any other airline. Delicious soups, salads, appetizers, multiple trays of fresh fruits, cheese and the ice-cream makes an ideal and healthy meal while travelling. Most of the travelers love the meals offered by the Vietnamese airlines which keeps on coming.  Generally the airlines offer two meals in the long flights.
b.      Uniforms: The pretty traditional and colorful uniforms of the crew are also fascinating the travelers.
c.       Quick push-back: The complete process from getting the boardingpass to take off is simple and easy. So you do not much time in the lengthy process.  After some mandatory procedures the aircraft is ready for the push-back and takeoff.
d.      Seats: The seats are comfy and well-furnished in all the classes.
e.      Entertainment system: Personal touch screens with different entertainment features minimize the travelling fatigue.
Some of the major points of the concerns of Vietnam airlines business are initial temperature settings, amenity services, storage places and facilities available at the airport.  To conclude, the facilities offered meets the requirements of the modern travelling facilities but it needs improvement in some aspects.

Vietnam airlines business

A Vietnam airline is the official flag carrier of the country. The Vietnam airline was founded in 1965. The national airline, known as Vietnam an airline flies to 52 destinations.  If you want to judge the quality and class of an airline then travel in the business class because the other classes like economy generally offer almost the same services. It is the business class service which differentiates one airline from the other. Daily 300 flights fly to different destinations.
The major facilities of business class cabin, in Vietnam airlines business are as follows;
a.       Boeing 777 Seat:  The long, retractable and 59 inch pitch large recline seats make the journey very comfortable. If you do not like much of the travelling then 156.6 degrees is similar to having a nap on your couch.
b.      Power supply: As a tourist or the businessman you do not want to waste the time spent in the travelling. In the airlines, 15V DC sockets are enough for charging the laptops, iPhones, blackberry and iPads.
c.       Airbus Seats: Vietnam based Airbuses flies to Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, UK, USA etc. The homelike seats offer the reclining angle of 153 degrees.
d.      Entertainment facilities:  Almost all the modern entertainment facilities are available in Vietnamese airlines.  The major entertainment features include, noise cancelling headphones, in-seat headsets, magazines, newspapers etc.

Best and top honeymoon resorts in Vietnam

Before planning a honeymoon place the first thing to consider is the ideal time to visit. Vietnam is one of the countries which almost equal opportunities throughout the year. The online reviews show that September to April is the best time to visit the country. In this time period the weather is generally less humid.
Based on the reviews of previous visitors, the top honeymoon resorts in Vietnam are as follows;
a.    Halong Bay:  Halong Bay is also known as the Bay of descending dragons. This is the famous tourist resort of Vietnam is considered as a mystical and magnificent place. Halong Bay is a world heritage which never fails to impress the visitors. According to UNESCO figure the Halong Bay of Vietnam is among the world’s best heritage sites due to cultural and historical importance and the geographical uniqueness. Along with the huge Bay, more than 2,000 uninhibited limestone cliffs make Halong Bay, a top ranked tourism spot.   Due to large number of the visitors every year there are more than 300 local agencies which sell the tours to Halong Bay. It is always a great idea to spend a night onthe Cat BA Island.
b.    Muine Beach: Muine beach is another honeymoon resort in the Vietnam. Most of the touristslove to spend a night on the beach. There are numerous waterfront guest houses on the beach. The beach is among the well planned tourist spots of the world. The actual village Mui Ne is constructed on the far northern side of kilometres-long beach. The rest of the beach contains a huge number of traditional and contemporary guest houses.
c.    Nha Thrang: Nha Trang city can be dived into two parts. Eastern part is the hub of the commerce activities coupled with numerous beaches. The western part encompasses several hotels, tourist shops, bars and international restaurants.   The resorts are famous for the boat trips and scuba diving facilities.
d.    Dalat: Dalat is also known as “Le Petit Paris”. Golf courses, ancient Indochina temples mainly attract the couples. The city is surrounded of the thick mountains and beaches. In Dalat, newly wedded couples love to visit the beachfront bars for the cocktails and comfort. The dotted villages contain the temples which expresses the true Indochina ancient culture.

Vietnam honeymoon resorts and destinations

A honeymoon in Vietnam can be a great experience.  The country is blessed with numerous sandy beaches, lots of fishing facilities, scenic beauty and plenty of natural and artificial resorts.  Green mountain belts are also an attraction.  Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam is the best place to explore the ancient Indochina culture mixed with the contemporary Asian culture. Vietnam offers an opportunity to explore new cultures; food and tourism facilities are the prerequisites of a honeymoon resort. Developed countries generally have all the contemporary relaxation facilities but they do lack the natural and cultural resorts. The developing countries like Vietnam are hence the ideal places to spend the vacations and honeymoon. The countries like Vietnam are generally lesser expansive with more opportunities to explore the different cultures.

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