Vietnam Bar Girls

Vietnam Bar Girls
A lot of foreign guys, who lives or just having a vacation in Vietnam, always wanted to go to a local bar, and get a girl and get her laid. Some bars have a girls that you can take home and get them laid, and thus this are the places where these foreigners go, to have a night they cannot ever forget.
Here is a confession of a foreigner who has been staying for about a year now in Ho Chi Minh:
Being a patron in a Sports Bar in Bui Vien, he has decided to go to Hai Ba Trung and try it for a change. Though he is contented already with the girls he brings back home in Sports Bar in Bui Vien a couple of times a week, he just wanted a new girl, a new atmosphere.
He go to a certain billiards bar on Hai Ba Trung, it was the bar 91. Being 29 year old guy, few girls got attracted to him when he entered the bar, and luckily the lady luck was smiling his way and a very young and very pretty girl sat beside him. After drinking a couple of ladies drinks as they call it, he decided to take the pretty girl back at his apartment. She has charged a rate of around 57 USD for her to go to the guy at his apartment, and because of the good service she offered the guy, she was given a 71 USD for the night. And around 23 USD he paid for the bar.
“She was so gorgeous and so awesome especially in bed!” says the guy, the girl do what he told her and so deserved a couple of dollars for her service.
The next day searching for more adventure the guy went to bar No 53, which he rated another 3 star rating, when he got there, there only a few girls around but all of them were pretty cute according to the guy, and then he sat at a table and a girl sit beside him but sadly it was one of the less attractive girls at the bar but she was cute. He played the usual billiard game that if you win, the girl will strip but on the other hand if you lose you need to pay 10 USD, and unfortunately lost. Being so horny he asked for a BJ and can’t remember much what happened since he was already getting drunk at that time. He paid 40 USD just for a BJ.

Not only in Vietnam but these kinds of stories are something you can hear, and see around the world, this girls were driven to do this job because of poverty.

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