Vietnam Newspaper & News Media Guide

Vietnam has a few English language papers and publications, of that your daily Viet Nam News has the largest distribution. It gives a short and really succinct explanation of regional, local and global news, in addition to thoughts on culture and artwork. The monthly Vietnam Economic Times and the weekly Vietnam Investment Evaluation cover problems in better degree and are worth considering for an understanding into what makes the Vietnamese market tick, although brief on common information. Nevertheless, they are superseded by the outstanding free publications The Asia Life and The Word, which both carry lists of restaurants and pubs in addition to posts on elements of Vietnamese culture; look out for them in stores that promote in these guides.

There is a lot of censorship in Vietnam. There is, still, a little shimmer of hope for less aggressive censorship, with a growing amount of reports covering corruption at also quite senior levels, and much more critique of ministers and government procedures, albeit really moderate by American standards.

The government radio station, Voice of Vietnam, began existence in 1945 all through the July Revolution. It became renowned throughout the American War when "Hanoi Hannah" program propaganda programs to American GIs. Today it keeps six stations, of which VOV5 broadcasts some English programs a few times a day addressing an entire variety of matters: weather, news, sport, amusement and lifestyle, even market prices.

To obtain to the complete array of international news, you'll have to go online or obtain a shortwave radio to grab among the world service stations, for example BBC World Service, Radio Canada Worldwide and Words of America; local frequencies are detailed on the related site.

Vietnamese TV is also government run and airs a combination of music shows, pictures, news programmes, soaps, sport and overseas (largely American and Japanese, Western) imports. VTV1, the chief national channel, sometimes offers a information overview in English. But most resorts supply satellite TV, as standard providing CNN, BBC, MTV and HBO.

Beach resorts near Ho Chi Minh City is a wonder to the imagination

Originally a quiet seaside village which was once isolated from the hubbub of Vietnam through plantations of dragon fruit and bad roads, is now the sought after investment for many hoteliers and hotel moguls. The fact that this stretch of beach is strategically situated near the Ho Chi Minh City has caught the attention for the development of many massive beach resorts.
With so many choices now evident on the various shorelines near the great city one has to be particularly fussy over meeting one’s travelling and vacation needs. If you prefer a more harbourage vacation than a stop in Nha Trang is the place for you. If you desire a place which offers a true swimming experience then Mui Ne would be the ideal spot.

Unlike the Ho Chi Minh City the beaches nearby have a less over-developed quality of their own. The cool shade and fresh ocean smells make the beaches and their various resorts a real tropical paradise.  

Beach resort near Ho Chi Minh City are more than an average vacation spot, due to them being able to offer not only see but also a “mini desert” should make this spot unique. It might not be considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World just yet, but it definitely is a wonder of the imagination. There are sand dunes that run all along the coast and are a pleasant and easy enough spot to travel too.

Due to its natural beauty, people have tried to enhance the experience here. The place is alive with energy. You will always find fishing boats moving and various water sports and leisure taking place. In this part of the world the favourite pastime to participate in is wind and kite surfing. Although Beach resorts near Ho Chi Minh City are no longer a mystery, it still has so much wonder and enjoyment to offer any and all visitors.

Girls hold the secret to dancing and nightlife in Vietnam

Vietnam has recently seen a steady yet rapid increase in their economy and this in return has seen a growth in entertainment activities. However although entertainment in general has seen a steady increase, nightlife still remains limited. Should one be out at night after 11pm and looking for a bit of fun, you would be amazed to find that only a few places such as small cafes, quiet bars, hotels and naturally the police stations are the only things open. Most forms of evening entertainment start closing their doors at 8pm.

However if you are still unperturbed by the lack of evening entertainment and would like to venture out in search of some here are some great tips to consider:

1. Follow the Girls
In Vietnam the best kept secrets are the live evening entertainment venues. Although these are a must see while in the area, one needs to be careful on the ones you choose and should be researched before you visit them. These live entertainment venues are a usually broken down into two types of classes, you get the “Vietnamese” and the “Western”. Either way they have music and dancing which is one of the reasons to follow the girls. All women in Vietnam have an uncanny way of choosing the nicest spots where the music is the best; the décor is trendy and the atmosphere electric.

However is loud music and too much energy proves to be taxing on you, you would be more likely willing to follow the pub groupies. These are the type of girls that will lead you to a quiet little bar where you will find several bar girls that are willing to entertain male customers. However be forewarned that any prostitution is illegal in the country.

2. Follow your body
Along with the entertainment on offer you will also find various massage centres. These are fantastic elements as patrons can make use of either an awesome foot massage or a relaxing body massage. These art forms are performed by fantastically trained Vietnamese girls.

3. Theme is best
However the best form of entertainment where one can experience the Vietnam girls dancing and nightlife is through a western themed bar and restaurant. These themed spots are considered the trendiest forms of entertainment. You are bound to find a jostling, happy and dancing crowd within the walls of a themed establishment.

Whatever your choice for entertainment you are bound to be spoilt for choice.

Vietnamese wedding dishes each a special blessing

Food is often considered the one of the most important elements in a wedding celebration, next to the wedding dress. This could never ring more true than with Vietnamese wedding dishes. In Vietnam a wedding is more than just two people getting married, it’s a symbol of two kindred spirits choosing to weather life’s path and storms together for as long as their hearts keep pumping life into them. With such a strong belief in marriage the Vietnamese people believe that the food should do more than just taste good.
In Vietnam the wedding food all has special symbolisms, meaning and blessings for the happy couple. Some of these blessings include happiness, long life and fertility. The number of courses is also significant in the process. At wedding reception traditionally eight different dishes are served and this number does not include desert. Desert is a special blessing of good luck.

The first wedding dish served usually consists of traditional “dragon-phoenix” plates. This is an appetizer meal and is made up of various meats, jellyfish and nuts. It’s usually served chilled. This has two significant aspects: the dragon part of the dish symbolizes the male role in the marriage where the phoenix symbolizes the female part.

The next dish is a roast pork dish and symbolizes virginity. Once the pork has been served quill is next on the menu. This meat is a blessing of peace. Shark fin soup usually follows after the quill and this meal is a blessing of wealth. Once the Shark fin soup has been eaten and enjoyed the Lobster is served. The lobster dish signifies joy and celebration, and if served whole it holds the symbol of completeness.

Should any vegetables served with sea cucumber grace the wedding menu it usually symbolises selflessness. If fish is served is holds a blessing of abundance. When noodles are served it blesses the couple with a long life together. Sweet red bean soup dishes are blessing of a sweet life.

Food is a definite aspect at every wedding of any culture and is usually chosen with great thought. In Vietnam the food is not chosen due to various dietary requirements, but due to the various blessing that people would like to bestow upon the happy couple. Making a Vietnamese wedding celebration more than just a party, it makes it a true celebration of blessings.

Tradition still holds the key to a Vietnamese wedding

In modern society when it comes to weddings, it seems that common sense takes a leave of absence. When someone starts to plan their wedding day, all their wildest dreams and aspirations for that perfect day come to greet them at the door. No matter how impossible the feat may seem, the person getting married is always convinced that they can be turned and created into the possible.

Yet when it comes to Vietnam and their culture, Tradition is the glue that holds the wedding together. The Vietnamese have over centuries believed in upholding tradition no matter what.

In the past, almost every marriage was an arranged marriage. The tradition was to ensure that the bride and groom were only allowed to meet each other on the day of their engagement and no sooner. However although tradition is still the root of Vietnamese weddings, this time honored tradition has slightly evolved. Single Vietnamese women and men are allowed to meet one another before the wedding and some may even arrange their marriage by themselves.

Although this tradition has evolved to be able to survive in the modern era there are certain procedures and steps that need to be conducted to constitute a true Vietnamese marriage.

A traditional Vietnamese wedding must consist of mainly two things which are the “Le an hoi” which is the engagement ceremony and the “Le cuoi” which is the wedding ceremony.

The engagement ceremony is very different to the western engagement parties of the modern world. With a “Le an hoi” the prospect groom and his family grace the bride and her family with a visit. Upon this visit they shower the bride and her family with engagement gifts such as tea, cake, fruits, wines and other delicacies. These gifts are place in round lacquered boxes and covered with red cloth. The gifts are usually carried into the home of the bride and her parents by unmarried boys and girls. During this visit the families amicably agree upon a good date for the wedding.

The wedding ceremony or the “Le cuoi” starts off like any other traditional western wedding where guests receive an invitation to join in the festivities and celebrations. However the process then changes. The happy couple first needs to pray at the altar to ask their ancestors for permission to marry as well as to express their thanks to both their parents for raising them. Guests are not allowed to participate in this part of their union.

Although many Vietnamese couples lately are choosing to have their wedding ceremony in temples or churches, they still have the Vietnamese Traditional ceremony in the bride’s home before they set out to the church or temple. Just another example of how tradition holds the key to a Vietnamese Wedding.

Vietnamese Love and Dating:

Vietnamese Love and Dating:
Dating in Vietnam is not as common as in various other countries where people just click eyes at one another and start dating the very same night. In Vietnam, things still follow the traditional route as in the most probable chances of two people dating are if they are in the same school, college, profession, work or know the person through his or her common friends.
However, a gradual change of trend regarding dating has been noticed in many parts of Vietnam as people are opening up more often to the concept of dating. There are still various families which do not encourage dating and in some cases even love marriage, but on the other hand there are families which are now okay with their children hanging out with their close friends including boyfriend or girlfriend.
Not just that, there are several online dating facilities also available for Vietnam, which lets the interested person, upload their profile and talk with people just like the way they would in a real form of dating. These online dating sites are of a great benefit to interested single people to find their match online.  Just like various online dating facilities, several matrimonial websites that have cropped up in order to provide an easy way for single people to look for their matches for marriage, online.
Many people while chatting or dating online exchange their contact numbers which enables them to talk or message each other at any time of their convenience, which in turn helps them to develop a bonding with the other person. This is a great way to know about the person and in many cases people fall in love which further leads to a successful marriage.
The evolution is slowly letting people let off their inhibitions regarding dating which helps people find the love of their life in an easy manner.

Beach resort near Ho Chi Minh City

Beach resort near Ho Chi Minh City

You likely know that the Miss Vietnam contest occurred in Tuan Chau Island, for those who were keeping a tab in the world of beauty pageants. This is truly among the greatest places should you want to enjoy a vacation at a beach resort near Ho Chi Minh City you will treasure for the remainder of your whole life you could see.

There are many reasons why people hurry to Tuan Chau Island. You'll need to learn several things about the area to understand why this spot is turning into a favorite tourist location for worldwide travelers.

The boat trip may take you to the several destinations and enable you to relish the individuality of the various destinations. If you want to actually take advantage of your trip to this part of the world, you need to stay in one of the beach hotels. Vietnam has quite a number of alternatives in regards to good living services but picking a location where you'll have the ability to sponsor your company conferences or conventions as well as relax at the spa will become a good thought. Don't believe that amenities like fitness center, sauna, Jacuzzi, and pool won't be accessible because you'll be residing in an Island resort. Vietnam is fairly sophisticated as much as the hotel and restaurant industry is concerned.

The blend of perfect beaches and luxuriant pine woods will make certain you receive the very best that nature provides. The caverns of the isle will consider your breathing away and make certain that you ignore all of your everyday concerns.

Aside from natural environment, there are many other sights also. You'll like to be amused by the sharks in the dolphin display. You can enjoy snorkeling and Jet Ski among other activities, if you're considering water sports.

Islamic revolution in Vietnam

Islamic revolution in Vietnam

Champa Muslims are the largest number of Muslims in Vietnam. They're likewise among the groups of native folks of Vietnam. The background of tradition and the Champa empire dates back-to the second century and had survived until 17th millennium. The Cham people come from the Malay Polynesian stock & nearly all of those were initially Hindu devotees.

Islam created its biggest effect on the Cham people in the seventeenth century once the Champa King converted to Islam and helped his folks to transform to Islam. When his kingdom fell apart and was replaced by a Vietnamese King, the Champa culture was thought to have endured serious persecution under-the new ruler.

Background records the Muslim King then directed his people from this bondage by where they are able to seek safety with several other Muslims who could take them there producing their exodus to Malaysia.

The Cham are financially quite despondent and consequently it's hard to allow them to keep their communities as well as spiritual practices.

300 years following the initial migration of Vietnamese Muslims Malaysia, now a new trend of migration is occurring among the Muslims. Vietnamese Muslim pupils are being delivered to the Global Islam University located in Malaysia to study Islamic studies, as well as non-religious study programs for example forestry, computer science, food technologies and architectural. Nevertheless the socialist state doesn't appear to have fiscal subsidy to aid the Cham Muslim towns and their actions.

Islam has an interesting history in Vietnam, one that is often overlooked by many countries. When you think of Islam in East Asia, Vietnam isn't often one of the countries that come up on that list, but there was a large group of Muslims in Vietnam at one point and even though they were driven out, today the Muslim community in Vietnam is only getting stronger by the day.

Universities in Vietnam striving to provide the best

Universities in Vietnam striving to provide the best

“Scientia petentia est” may mean “Knowledge is power” to most people around the globe, however in Vietnam the saying is more than just a couple of words. To the proud nation of Vietnam the cliché is goal that almost any and every university student strives for.

Although the universities in Vietnam do not rank in the top 50 of the worlds best universities they still strive for excellence in all they offer.

Some of the best universities that Vietnam offers are:

Can Tho university
This establishment came into being due to the desire to establish scientific and technological cooperation. This university is rated the top university in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
This university holds the top spot for being the leader in teaching and research. Most graduating students from this university graduate with strong professional skills which are regarded as equivalent to many other advanced countries.

Hanoi University of Technology
This university has always been heralded as one of the top technology universities. It’s the first university to launch a Scientific Research Movement using students. It boasts a boat full of awards for this movement.

Vietnam National University
This educational institution is considered to be the first modern one of its kind. It’s the largest university in Vietnam. This university has the rank of being the third best school in Vietnam.

RMIT International University Vietnam
Although this universities origins hail from Australia, it is the first completely foreign owned school. The great thing about this university is that the certificates, diplomas and degrees issued in this school are international certificates giving the students an education that is recognized globally. The only thing that makes this university different to all other Vietnamese universities is that all lessons are done in English.

Education is indeed power and with the right school behind a person, potential will be reached.

Vietnam major banks

Vietnam major banks
The state Bank of Vietnam is a Vietnam government agency whose responsibility is to issue currency, money management and advising the government of Vietnam on Monetary policy. The state Bank of Vietnam also prepares draft laws on banking and credit institutions in addition to all that it manages state owned commercial banks.
In Vietnam the banking system includes 34 joint commercial banks, 5 state owned commercial banks, 35 branch offices of foreign banks, 4 joint venture banks, 6 financial companies and foreign banks.
The biggest banks in Vietnam include the following:
Vietnam bank for Agriculture and Rural Development- Agribank
Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade-Vietbank
Bank for Investment and development of Vietnam-BIDV
Vietnam Technological and commercial Joint Bank – Techcombank
Joint Stock Commercial Bank for foreign trade of Vietnam-Vietcombank
The most popular banks in Vietnam include ANZ CITI Bank and HSBC.
Housing Bank of Mekong Delta
Each of the banks in Vietnam has its own advantage and some achievements to boost about. For instance Vietnam Technological and commercial Joint Bank were selected by euro money financial magazine as the best bank in Vietnam. Joint stock commercial bank for foreign trade of Vietnam has the most extensive ATM network in Vietnam and on the other hand HSBC was voted the best foreign bank in 2010 by Vietnam economy magazine while ANZ has ATMS that allow a maximum of 200 US dollars and is very popular with tourists.
Banking in Vietnam has entered the competitive era so there is a lot modern banking technology which is developed with the goal with goal of giving quality and modern banking services which gives greater benefits to Vietnamese and foreign customers .   

Vietnam international airport and airlines terminals

Vietnam international airport and airlines terminals
The socialist Republic of Vietnam is in South East Asia and it has a population of about 92 million People and is the 13th most populous country. The name Vietnam was adopted in 1945. Vietnam is bordered by   china in the North, Northwest there is Laos, Cambodia is in the South west and the South China Sea is in the East. The Capital of Vietnam is Hanoi.
Vietnam is one of the best tourist attractions in South East Asia and most travelers are attracted to Vietnam by its natural beauty from the basal of the Mekong delta in the south to the green rice fields in the North. Vietnam has a very long history and a lot of ancient traditions so there also many temples and historic attractions.

This amazing country has a well developed international airports and airlines such as the Nerita international airport, Tan Son international airport, and about a 100 or more airlines .it is very easy to access most of them given the fact that their transportation information is readily available and also the fact that there are airport taxis and trains to take the passengers wherever they are going in the shortest time possible. One must also note that time keeping is very key at all these airports and airlines. You must be at least 20 minutes early for your flight is you do not want any disappointments cannot forget to recommend the awesome personnel at the airports such as the ever smiling and smart waitresses, the travel agents , the pilots and captains , friendly drivers  to mention but a few. it’s  for sure an experience you will never forget and would love to be a part  of With the various numbers of airlines you will come from wherever to Vietnam very comfortably and in the same way leave to wherever you want to go.


Vietnam presently has 20 civil airports, including seven international airports and 13 local airports. Of these, only Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat operate frequent international flights. All airports are managed by the three regional airport corporations. The Northern Airports Corporation manages five airports, the Middle Airports Corporation manages seven and the Southern Airports Corporation manages eight.
Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Vietnam
Even thought Noi Bai is the largest airport in Northern Vietnam. The airport is small when it compared to the other international airports in Vietnam, but it is newer and more modern.  The airport is 45km from downtown Hanoi. Estimated travel time is 25 to 30 minutes.  There are direct flights from Bangkok and Hong Kong to Hanoi. Departure Tax is US$14 for adults and $7 for children under 12 paid in dollars or dong. There are meter taxis available at the airport for transportation.  Airport minibuses and metered taxis are available outside arrivals for transport to the city center.

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (SGN)
Tan Son Nhat International Airport has its beginning in the early 1930's when the French Colonial government raised a small unpaved airport, known as Tan Son Nhat Airfield in the village of Tan Son Nhat. Tan Son Nhat International Airport has recently accounted for nearly two thirds of the international arrivals and departures in Vietnam's all airports. Due to the increasing demand, this airport has been continuously expanded by the Southern Airports Authority. The airport is about 7 km from downtown Ho Chi Minh City. Airport has three Layouts: 1. Area to clear immigration for entry into Viet Nam. 2. Area to get back your checked luggage. 3. Area to clear Customs for passengers' luggage.  Services provided in Tan Son Nhat International Airport are - Lost and Found, Foreign Exchange, Telephone, Parking, Visitor Information, Medical Services, Cargo, and Luggage Storage.
Da Nang International Airport, Da Nang, Vietnam
Da Nang International Airport is located in Da Nang and is an important gateway to access central Vietnam. It has two runways with a length of 3045m and a width of 45m with modern equipment system. The destinations from this Airport are Thailand, Russia, Singapore and domestic Vietnam. And the main Operating Airlines are Pacific Airlines, PB Air, Singapore Airlines, Tiger Airways and Vietnam Airlines.

Chu Lai International Airport
Chu Lai International Airport is located in Quang Nam Province. And the management unit is Middle Airports Corporation. As a result of an upgrading the development orientation project in between 2004 and 2008, Chu Lai has been transformed from a military airport into a civil one. Up to 2015, the airport will be further upgraded with the construction of a new 19,600m 2 terminals. This will handle about 2.25 million passengers per year. The total budget for the project is estimated to be some US$630 million

Phu Bai International Airport
Phu Bai International Airport is Located Hue City. The Management Unit of the airport is Middle Airports Corporation. The development plan for upgrading Phu Bai International Airport has been approved, with total investment capital of nearly US$740 million. The airport will be able to handle large aircraft and similar. The runway will be extended to 3,048m x 45m, enabling the airport to handle five million passengers/year and 20 aircraft/rush hour

Vietnam International Adoption

Vietnam International Adoption
During the early 1970’s there is a lot of foster care program in Vietnam,  where there are a lot of children that would be evacuated in Saigon for international adoption in United States, it was at the last few days of the war.
One of the foster houses that houses children is the Holt International Children’s Services. Holt worked in Vietnam with its mission to protect children victims of that time.  One of the most memorable operation is the “ Operation Babylift,” where in more or less 400 children were evacuated for adoption to the United States of America. In 1975 however, with political instability of the administration of Holt, they ceased work in Vietnam. On the contrary, in 1980s, they returned and developed different programs that enable children throughout the country to stay with their birth families, despite the hardships they are facing.
Later on, the government helps and provides day care services in the provinces where the Holt works. Now Vietnam government work with the Holt to enhance services they provide to the children and improve the existing programs they are providing the children. With the support from Holt sponsors, the program provides preschool fees, nutritional support for the children, counseling and parent education to strengthen families for children in Vietnam.
As of now though, with the Hague Convention preventing the US to not resume intercountry adoption at Vietnam, it was ratified in November 1, 2011 and came into effect on February 1, 2012 and still in effect up until now.

Despite the Hague Convention still in effect, Holt still continues to help the children. They keep and place the children to the families in Vietnam through reunification and domestic adoption. With partnership in the government of Vietnam, Holt provides emergency assistance, counseling and financial, health nutritional and education support needed for the people who needed them.

Vietnam girls dancing and nightlife

Vietnam girls dancing and nightlife
Night life in Vietnam is great and it can be divided into 3 scenes: The tourist and the expatriate type and the local type and then the hybrid type this urban scene mixes expatriates with modern Vietnamese.
For their night life the local Vietnamese normally gather at cafes, Karaoke singing, “Nhau” ing out doors and hanging outside are the most common night life activities done by the local Vietnamese. When it comes to night life and clubbing it is hard to know how many clubs are in Vietnam, Most of them are very much part of the local scene and have very few tourists but most of them are in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City and it the city in Vietnam with the most vibrant Nightlife.
Most typical Vietnam club is open everyday of the week during the week they normally open in the evening and close by midnight. Most customers in these bars are male who normally come in groups and order for booze while standing around a table while the female bar employees pour the liquor if they don’t finish the bottle in the same night then they come back for it tomorrow with a card.
In Vietnam night clubs are purely divided into local, Mixed and western, three are very many night clubs in the suburbs with very cheap prices that caters for the local Vietnamese. In Saigon’s District one you will find clubs which are better for showing off and taking girls to or you will most like find a decent PR girl to go home with. The most popular clubs in Ho Chi Min City are Lavish, Gossip and 030
It is only in district one of Saigon that you will find clubs that resemble clubs outside of Asia such Clubs include Apo, Vasco’s and one club in down town Saigon that caters mostly to foreigners , gays and prostitutes making it a very interesting atmosphere.

Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre

Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre
Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre located in Hanoi, Vietnam is probably the most famous address the entire city. The facility has been used to host many important and renowned international events year after year. The events the centre hosts are from almost all sectors of the economy. The centre was established in 1974 and ever since has strived to maintain relevance with the Vietnamese society by staging exhibitions reflecting the socio-economic dynamics of the country. VEFAC is it is popularly known, organizes trade fairs, exhibitions, and provides services in exhibition consultancy to a wide range of clients.
The centre occupies a total area of 7 hectares consisting of three exhibition halls affording more than 400 standard booths. The centre also has three state-of-the-art conference facilities suitable for special events and exhibitions. As Vietnam’s premier events and exhibitions venue, the centre hosts many domestic and international companies. It also gets to host many important cultural events each year. Some of the functions held in the centre include the South East Asian Games, Annual International trade Fair Vietnam, the spring fair, Hanoi Trade Fair and the Vietnam Fashion Fair.
Aside from hosting exhibitions, VEFAC also has expertise in event management, premises rental and advertising. The centre is keen to provide opportunities for investors looking to market their produce while at the same time providing the producers with an avenue for co-operation, innovation in technology and trade exchange.
Thousands of exhibitors, event organizers and visitors now come to the centre because of its advantages of functionality, flexiblity and structural capacity to meet their event needs. The centre has excelled not only in event hosting and promotion but also played a cultural role as a melting pot of various events that identify the Vietnamese culture. The VEFAC is known both for its part in promoting trade just as well as its famous for the cultural events it hosts.

Vietnam Exhibition and fair centre:

 Vietnam Exhibition and fair centre:
Vietnam Exhibition and fair centre was established in 1974 towards the end of the war Vietnam War and the centre has continually reinvented itself to meet and reflect Vietnam’s changing social economic demands. It is located at Giang Vo and that’s how it is popularly known. It is a house hold name a far as exhibitions are concerned also conferences and cultural events it is to day known not only as a trade and promotion venue but also as a cultural centre. It covers an area of almost seven (7) hectares and the trade and culture centre ids located at the heart of Hanoi. The boosts of three (3) exhibition halls which have 10,000 square meters of floor space. It has state of the art conference halls which are three (3) in number and it also has very high quality auxiliary facilities. Vietnam Exhibition and fair centre is the largest and venue for conferences, exhibition and special events in Vietnam. The bussines and culture centre hosts a wide range of international and domestic events and posses some of the country’s most important cultural events every year. The major regula events held at the centre include and not limited to the following:

  Vietnam's socio-economic achievement exhibitions
  Annual international industrial fair
Spring fair
Vietnam Fashion Fair
  Hanoi Trade Fair


Vietnam is a predominantly agricultural country, where over 70% of the population reside in rural areas and are actively involved in agricultural production. The country’s employment structure, however, has varied considerably over the past decade. The agricultural sector’s share of total employment fell drastically from 73% to 58.8% between 1992 and 2004. In fact, agricultural labor has adjusted to engage in the industrial, construction, and service sectors. Trade liberalization is one of the main driving forces to foster economic growth and development in Vietnam. Changes in economic structure in favor of increasing exports’ share of manufactured products could be a favorable signal for this process. Besides this, trade liberalization can impact various other issues, including, increasing employment and reducing poverty
Status in employment
Analysis of status in employment categories can help in understanding both the dynamics of the labor market and the level of development. Over the years, and with increasing development of a country, one would typically expect to see shifts in employment away from agriculture towards the industry and services sectors, with corresponding increases in the proportion of wage and salaried workers and decreases in own-account and unpaid family work, previously employed in the agricultural sector. These patterns of change may improve employment prospects and earnings for some groups of workers, while worsening those for others. Structural change of the labor market has a longer-term significance in changing the nature of the labor market and the productivity of workers. However, gains in the number of wage and salaried earners, coupled with job growth in the industry and services sectors that are often referred to as a positive development, should be treated with caution regarding the extent to which these trends reflect the expansion of full and productive employment and decent work opportunities. In terms of employment quality criteria, this means that wage and salaried employment does not necessarily need to be productive in terms of its ability to produce surplus value, decent worker benefits or social protection.

Informal Employment
A conceptual framework that is closely linked to the status in employment indicator is the informal economy. The ILO's definition of the informal economy encompasses “all economic activities by workers and economic units that are, in law or in practice, not covered or insufficiently covered by formal arrangements”. In statistical terms, the informal economy comprises employment in the informal sector and other forms of informal employment.
Often, especially in developing and transition countries, the informal economy plays a key role in job creation as well as income generation.
The informal sector in Vietnam is defined as all private unincorporated enterprises that create at least some of their goods and services for sale or barter do not have a business license and are engaged in non-agricultural activities. Employment in the informal sector is referred to as informal sector employment. According to the GSO, informal employment is operationally defined as unpaid family work and wage and salaried work without social security in non-agricultural sectors. It therefore comprises employment in the informal sector as well as parts of employment in the formal sector.

Time-related underemployment

The main objective of measuring underemployment in this report is to support analysis of employment problems that need to be addressed in short- and long-term policies in Vietnam while working towards promoting full and productive employment and decent work for all. Especially in developing economies, the impact of economic instabilities is often felt more in shorter working hours and reduced incomes and rising vulnerable employment in an “increasingly crowded “informal economy. Therefore, statistics on underemployment are critical to complement figures on employment, unemployment and economic inactivity. Overlooking the underemployment issue can be misleading in terms of labor utilization. While not technically unemployed, the underemployed are often competing for available hours of work and jobs on the labor market.

Why Vietnamese Women Marry Foreigners

 Why Vietnamese Women Marry Foreigners

Statistics given by the Ho Chi Minh City’s justice department show that about 40,000 Vietnamese citizens got married to foreigners between 2005 and 2008.  In addition, roughly 92% of those marriages took place between female Vietnamese and aliens or Viet Kieu males, and the husbands of which 36.5 percent were Taiwanese nationals.
One asks: what makes Vietnamese women opt to marry foreigners?  There are a number of reasons that probably make them do so.  Here are some of them:
Search for comfort materially
An increasing number of young women from the South Vietnam’s delta to the country’s towns in the north are getting married to aliens, especially from South Korea and Taiwan.  Since most of them come from very poor families, they seem to look for material wealth in order to rescue their parents from this poverty.

To escape from traditional culture
The Vietnamese culture teaches the women to be caring and willing to live a sacrificial life for the sake of their husbands.  As a result, the Vietnamese women are among the most beautiful and respectful women in the world.  This aspect has somehow turned the modern Vietnamese men into a slothful and macho kind.  Vietnamese women have been further burdened by traditional conceptions that male should be respected while women should not be respected and that the husband is master while the wife is servant. Many long to find a way of escape.
In some cases, there are women who like experimenting on new things. In this regard, the Vietnams women will disregard their local men and get married to foreigners because of curiosity. There are those who use this opportunity to travel to foreign lands and experience what they do not have at home. There are those who come back home from the foreign husbands after realizing that things are better in Vietnam than in the foreign countries.

Vietnam Best Beaches

 Vietnam Best Beaches
Vietnam is a country that is endowed with great beauty.  When it comes to the beaches, one is overwhelmed by the number of choices available.  The country prides in its 3,400 km-plus coastline with long stretches of fine sand, lagoons, coves, rock formation and tropical Islands which are surrounded with additional beaches.
Nha Trang

Nha Trang has two faces; one is in the form of the smaller bustling commercial city of Danag that is so fortunate as to be able to access a wonderful beach. The other one is a resort town to the west which surrounds a number of blocks of tourist shops, bars, hotels and international restaurants.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne has been developed from a remote stretch of stunning white sand into a string of resorts.  A bigger percentage of the population there comprises of tourists although there is a fishing village situated at the eastern end of the beach.  The number of souvenir shops and high class restaurants has been growing rapidly.  There is a very extraordinary set up because everything is along a 10 km road where most of the bars and restaurants are on one side of the beach while the accommodation is by the beach.

Mui Ne receives little rainfall than its neighbor Phan Thiet since sand dunes help in the preservation of its exceptional microclimate.  It is gaining the reputation of being the coast’s “action capital”.  Surfing can be done from August to December and windsurfing from late October to late April.  Kite-surfing is also a popular sport here.  Those who prefer this sport can enjoy a splatter in the inviting clean and clear water.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is situated in a mountainous and forested area and is among Vietnam’s leading star attractions. It is a superb tropical getaway where escapade come in numerous forms such as scuba diving, kayaking and motor biking.  It was once a sleepy retreat of backpackers but it has now ramped up tourism considerably and guests can opt for either five-star resorts or the country bungalows managed by families.

Best Vietnam Luxury Resorts

 Best Vietnam Luxury Resorts
Vietnam has accommodation which varies from simple dorm lodging in hostels to fast-rate resorts, whether it is in big cities or in well-liked country and coastal destinations.  Among the best Vietnam luxury resorts, going by the visitors’ ratings are:
The Nam Hai hotel
This resort is located on a serene location alongside the immaculate China Beach and provides 60 beautiful guesthouses as well as 40 pool villas.  The accommodations are hidden in the middle of green scenery, has spacious rooms and en suite amenities.
The splendid Cham Islands and South China Sea can be viewed by the guests from a number of accommodations.  There are 3 beachfront swimming pools in which visitors can swim in. Alternatively, they can play tennis on any of the hotel’s 4 courts.
The Park Hyatt 
The Park Hyatt is located in Ho Chi Minh City’s Lam Son Square and facilitates the guest’s easy access to places of attraction like the Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater and the Saigon Opera House.  The Park Hyatt Saigon boasts of 252 air-conditioned guest rooms which are furnished with cable television and very swift internet access.  It has a complete service spa providing a variety of beauty treatments and massages, a gymnasium and a swimming pool.
The Evason Ana Mandara
The Evason Ana Mandara is located at the beach front of Nha Trang and allows guests to view the spectacular Nha Bay.  It features opulent, stylish design and interior decoration with guest rooms which are located in the luxurious tropical gardens or with the magnificent panorama of the sea.  A Jacuzzi is provided in every unit, and guests can access the internet free of charge.  Guests may opt to dine at the Pavilion Restaurant offering International and Vietnamese specialties or the Beach Restaurant where fresh local seafood is served by the swimming pool.
The La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa
The La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa lies in the centre of Hue and consists of 122 large guest rooms.  The accommodations are luxuriously decorated and furnished, with a variety of contemporary facilities.  Local, regional and international food is available in the hotel’s restaurant and there is a comfy bar as well, where guests can enjoy their preferred drink.  There is a fitness center, a sauna, a number of spa services for enjoyment and a swimming pool.

Traditional Vietnamese wedding style

Traditional Vietnamese wedding style
In the Vietnamese culture, the wedding preparations cannot begin before the marriage ceremony’s date and time has been chosen.  That has to be decided on by a fortune teller, Spiritual leader or a Buddhist monk because of what is perceived as the spiritual nature of the occasion.  The case can only be different in instances where the family is Catholic.
The wedding comprises of a number of ceremonies, namely: asking for consent so as to receive the bride, reception of the bride at her house and taking her to the house of the groom.  A wedding reception is normally given to the guests and families after all the ceremonies have been held.
The family of the groom would travel to the home of the bride, armed with betel nuts as a present in order to formally ask for a go-ahead to receive the bride before the wedding day.  The family of the bride would then confirm the wedding, paving way for further events. This ceremony was used in the past as a confirmation for the wedding because some marriages were forced, making some brides disappear from home.
The family of the groom marches in a specific manner, with the first person being the representative of the groom’s family, the groom’s father behind him and the groom in the third place.  The other family members and close friends come last.  The groom’s family carries bedecked lacquer boxes (which must be in even numbers, considered as lucky) covered in red fabric (red is believed to bring the couple good luck), inside which gifts that represent the riches that the groom’s family will deliver to the family of the bride are contained.
On arrival at the bride’s home, the procession light firecrackers so as to alert the family of the bride, who in turn light its round of fireworks as a welcome sign to the groom’s procession.  It is then that introduction for both sides takes place; the groom offers his presents to the bride’s family and gets the nod to salute the bride.

Serving as a Nurse in Vietnam

                        Serving as  a Nurse in Vietnam
American nurses have played a significant role in modeling and training nurses in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, there were many things that Vietnam’s women went through. They were exposed to sex, death and war trauma.
When the American nurses were deployed in Vietnam, they had a lot of difficulties in training the Vietnamese women. They had to teach them new ways of doing things and explain some difficult concepts which the Vietnam women had not had of.
The nurses who were fully qualified made a lot of money during the war. After the war was over, most of the nurses returned to America with a lot of money. The nurses were young girls who were had just graduated and were not married. They seriously needed relationships which were not easy to come by. There are those who were lucky enough to fall in love with the Vietnam males. However, such nurses were labeled as sluts

As nurses in a war tone country, the role of the nurses in Vietnam was to treat the wounded men and administer medication. Besides, they took good care of the soldiers and listened and cared for them. In some cases the nurses had to cheer up the men by wearing ribbons. This was important since it helped the soldiers cope with the eventualities of the war.

The nurses experienced traumatizing occurrences especially when they watched as wounded soldiers died under their care. The dying soldiers called them ‘’mom’’ while others requested to marry them.
In some cases, the nurses were directly involved in the combat especially when the Vietnam Cong troops shelled hospitals with mortar.
The shelling would cause a lot of trauma and affected most of the nurses psychologically. It was even worse when some nurses and children were killed in such instances. This is how traumatizing life was as a nurse in Vietnam

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