Vietnam Best Beaches

Vietnam is a country that is endowed with great beauty. When it comes to the beaches, one is overwhelmed by the number of choices available. The country prides in its 3,400 km-plus coastline with long stretches of fine sand, lagoons, coves, rock formation and tropical Islands which are surrounded with additional beaches.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang has two faces; one is in the form of the smaller bustling commercial city of Danag that is so fortunate as to be able to access a wonderful beach. The other one is a resort town to the west which surrounds a number of blocks of tourist shops, bars, hotels and international restaurants.

Mui Ne 
Mui Ne has been developed from a remote stretch of stunning white sand into a string of resorts. A bigger percentage of the population there comprises of tourists although there is a fishing village situated at the eastern end of the beach. The number of souvenir shops and high class restaurants has been growing rapidly. There is a very extraordinary set up because everything is along a 10 km road where most of the bars and restaurants are on one side of the beach while the accommodation is by the beach.

Mui Ne receives little rainfall than its neighbor Phan Thiet since sand dunes help in the preservation of its exceptional microclimate. It is gaining the reputation of being the coast’s “action capital”. Surfing can be done from August to December and windsurfing from late October to late April. Kite-surfing is also a popular sport here. Those who prefer this sport can enjoy a splatter in the inviting clean and clear water.

Phu Quoc 
Phu Quoc is situated in a mountainous and forested area and is among Vietnam’s leading star attractions. It is a superb tropical getaway where escapade come in numerous forms such as scuba diving, kayaking and motor biking. It was once a sleepy retreat of backpackers but it has now ramped up tourism considerably and guests can opt for either five-star resorts or the country bungalows managed by families.

Best Vietnam Luxury Resorts

Vietnam has accommodation which varies from simple dorm lodging in hostels to fast-rate resorts, whether it is in big cities or in well-liked country and coastal destinations. Among the best Vietnam luxury resorts, going by the visitors’ ratings are:

The Nam Hai hotel
This resort is located on a serene location alongside the immaculate China Beach and provides 60 beautiful guesthouses as well as 40 pool villas. The accommodations are hidden in the middle of green scenery, has spacious rooms and en suite amenities.

The splendid Cham Islands and South China Sea can be viewed by the guests from a number of accommodations. There are 3 beachfront swimming pools in which visitors can swim in. Alternatively, they can play tennis on any of the hotel’s 4 courts.

The Park Hyatt 
The Park Hyatt is located in Ho Chi Minh City’s Lam Son Square and facilitates the guest’s easy access to places of attraction like the Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theater and the Saigon Opera House. The Park Hyatt Saigon boasts of 252 air-conditioned guest rooms which are furnished with cable television and very swift internet access. It has a complete service spa providing a variety of beauty treatments and massages, a gymnasium and a swimming pool.

The Evason Ana Mandara
The Evason Ana Mandara is located at the beach front of Nha Trang and allows guests to view the spectacular Nha Bay. It features opulent, stylish design and interior decoration with guest rooms which are located in the luxurious tropical gardens or with the magnificent panorama of the sea. A Jacuzzi is provided in every unit, and guests can access the internet free of charge. Guests may opt to dine at the Pavilion Restaurant offering International and Vietnamese specialties or the Beach Restaurant where fresh local seafood is served by the swimming pool.

The La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa
The La Residence Hue Hotel & Spa lies in the centre of Hue and consists of 122 large guest rooms. The accommodations are luxuriously decorated and furnished, with a variety of contemporary facilities. Local, regional and international food is available in the hotel’s restaurant and there is a comfy bar as well, where guests can enjoy their preferred drink. There is a fitness center, a sauna, a number of spa services for enjoyment and a swimming pool.

Vietnamese Love & Dating‎

Vietnam ladies are nice and loving. Men who have tried to get in to a relationship with them have actually enjoyed such relationship. There are those who will always be contented with long term dating while there are others who do not care about long term relationships. The features that are common in most of the Vietnam girls include being respectful kind, courteous and will impress men who are loving and caring.

Most of the Vietnam women prefer men who treat them with respect. They are submissive to men and they expect care and love in return. When dating them for the first time, it is advisable to avoid rushing in to intimacy. They do not like being touched on the first outing. The first dating is used by the Vietnam ladies to learn more about the man before they get in to serious dating.
When dating the Vietnam women, you will notice that they all love Vietnam food. Consequently any outing must have a session where you will have to test and sample Vietnam food. The girls are good story tellers and they love telling their men some of the things they have experienced. If the man is a foreigner, the Vietnam girls will tell them more about the history and the culture of Vietnam. It is true that their culture is oppressive and gives men more power and say as compared to women. The Vietnam girls are open and will tell you some of the things in their culture which they think are antagonizing them. Luckily, their culture does not restrict them from associating with foreigners. It allows them a free hand in making marriage decisions. That is why dating a Vietnam girl can easily end up in marriage unlike other societies.

Vietnam Real Estate Development

The demand for affordable houses and homes in Vietnam is on increase but the rise in the price of the property is a major challenge to the quick and fast growth of the real estate sector. The rise in prices in the real estate sector is connected to the high interest rates charged by the financial institutions and the constricting credit facility for the construction industry. The Vietnams who wish to invest in real property find it very difficult to access credit facilities. The facilities that are available are expensive and out of reach for those who wish to put up real estates.

This sector has been in the limbo for quite some time and the recent activities being experienced in this sector can be directly be linked to the activities of foreign investors. There are deliberate efforts by the government to try and lure foreign investors in this sector to spur economic development. 

There are campaigns for eco friendly developments across the country and this is viewed as the biggest contributor and attraction to those who wish to invest their money in the real estate sector. The increased accountability in the financial sector as well reduced legal requirements are some of the factors expected to spur development in the real estate sector. Improved financial and legal framework is expected to contribute immensely to the economic growth and development in the real estate sector. 

The middle range property market is apparently picking up and is expected to register substantial growth in 2013. There are more than 100 new projects which are expected to be announced this year and others will follow suit in the course of the year. The Vietnam government is expected to cut back on project delay by reducing the time it takes for any project to be approved

Vietnam Technology Development

Technological development in Vietnam has picked up after many years of the Vietnam War. The revolution in the internet means that more and more people are now able to access the internet services through ether the DSL or cables. The internet has of late become the main tool for trade in most businesses. The number of the Vietnams who trade in goods on the internet is continuously rising alongside the increase in the number of minishops .

The number of online stores in Vietnam is also on the increase courtesy of this development. More and more orders are currently being received and processed online. The time when people used to wait for goods to be purchased and delivered is long gone. Currently, an order is placed online and its delivery is effected on the same day. The advent of smartphones, computers and the tablets has played a leading role in development of Vietnam and has played a leading role in ensuring that the lives of the Vietnams is more comfortable than it was a decade ago. 

The gap between Vietnam and the developed world has been narrowed and reduced by these developments. Despite all this, the internet security in this part of the world has not fully developed. It is not possible for one to carry out secure banking services in the comfort of their homes because of security reasons. Most of the websites in Vietnam are self starting and lack the techniques to protect themselves against hackers.

The owners of the online stores in Vietnam are troubled since they are not able to receive the payments online. This is what makes it mandatory for the payments to be effected as soon as the goods are delivered. It is however hoped that the Vietnam technology development will soon provide a solution to this problem and allow the Vietnams online store owners to receive their payments online.

How to Choose Beautiful Vietnam Girls for Marriage

Vietnam girls are pretty. There are a number of men who have been able to get beautiful Vietnam girls for marriage from dating sites. The country is endowed with number sexy girls you can meet online and choose the one you wish to marry. There are reliable dating sites which provide adequate and reliable information which can help you choose a beautiful Vietnam girl for marriage. 

Among the things one should look at is the profile of the women, consider if the profile suits your criteria. If you love girls with long hair and health skins, the profiles may be able to shed some light on the features the girl has. After you are satisfied with the profile, it is advisable that you engage the girl of your choice in a health chat via email which may help you understand the girl even further. You may also have to engage the girl in a direct conversation through the telephone so that you may understand her points of strength and weakness. At this point, you should try to establish a relationship that leads to your meeting where you can learn more about her background including her level of education. If the girl of your choice understands English, this is better since it will enable you share a lot and learn each other.

At this point, you can organize to travel to Vietnam if you are a foreigner and visit a number of attraction sites together to help in bonding. There are places such as Haiphong and Halong Bay which are among the greatest wonders visited by visitors to Vietnam. There are also cliffs to climb and natural ports where you can swim as you learn each other.

Finally, you should make a point of visiting her parents and seek their hand in marriage. If things work as planned, you can propose a wedding and marry the girl

Marrying Vietnamese Girls is Cheap

Marrying Vietnamese girls is so cheap that foreigners find it convenient to marry them as compared to marrying girls from their countries. Generally the Vietnam girls are nice, lovely and friendly. On average, 40,000 Vietnams citizens marry foreigners. Out of this, it is estimated that 92 % of this are female Vietnamese who marry foreigners. According to research, one of the reasons the foreigners prefer the Vietnam girls has everything to do with the low cost of marrying the girls. There are other reasons that contribute to the high figures of Vietnams female who marry foreigners. They include;

· Material comfort: many Vietnam women from the rural towns marry foreigners from South Korea and Taiwan because of material comfort. Some do this in order to save their families from extreme poverty.

· To escape from the traditions and Vietnam culture: The Vietnam culture dictates that women should always be willing to sacrifice and be submissive to their husbands. This culture dictates that the Vietnam women work hard to ensure that children are well fed and clothed. This has increased laziness in Vietnam men since they leave everything to their wives. Consequently when the women find an opening they can use to escape from this culture, they gladly do so.

· Less pressure from foreign men: In Vietnam, it is important that the bride be approved by the husband’s family. This requirement does not hold if one is to be married by foreign husbands who in most cases do not care about the girls’ historical background. More importantly is the fact that there are no restrictions reading virginity, educational level and the brides’ career. 

It’s an opportunity for change: There are beautiful Vietnam ladies who use this opportunity to seek wealth they marry foreigners who are more endowed than the local men. They seek to fulfill their monetary and material needs

Vietnam Education Reform

In Vietnam, the government exercises a very tight control on economic and social development of the country. The education system is also tightly controlled and this makes it difficult to implement any meaningful change. However, the involvement and engagement of the private sector by the Vietnam government as a response to the market demand has opened a reform platform in the education sector. 

The fact that Vietnam is going through a transition to the market economy puts more pressure on educational planners who have to find ways and means of making the education system responsive to the needs of the economy. The current and the future labor demands are also changing fast hence there is need for an education system which ensures that the needs are met. The government on its part has put in place changes and policies aimed at modernizing the education system. The government has recognized that investment in education system is key to economic and social development of the country.

In this regard, the Vietnam government is pursuing an educational reform agenda by first carrying out reforms in the curriculum offered in educational institutions. The policies the government has adopted are also in line with the reform agenda and are expected to give reforms the impetus and speed required. 

Educational change and reform is thus a subject that must be broached with an open mind by all stakeholders. It is recommended that the Vietnam government should consult or put in place a mechanism which ensures that ideas and suggestions are broad based are incorporated in the educational reforms. Among the factors that should be considered if the reforms are to be successful include; economic zones, the market demand for labor, the government vision, the parents, the students and educational institutions.

Some Good Places to Visit in Vietnam

There are a lot of people that wants to go to Vietnam but doesn’t have any idea, what would be the good places to visit when you got there. As many travelers share their stories and experiences, a lot of travelers are attached to Vietnam by the pure beauty of nature that it offers. Vietnam also has a long history and ancient history that some tourists wanted to explore. Here are some of the most amazing tourist attractions in Vietnam: 

Nha Trang
Nha Trang is the most popular town in Vietnam in terms of sea side and beaches, located in the scenic bays of the country; it features clean and fine sand beaches. It is a great place if you want to chill out and just feel the breeze of the sea.

Cu Chi Tunnels
It is a network of tunnels that were used by the guerillas during the war, it become a tourist attraction for its history and eerie atmosphere it has to it and tourists are welcome to crawl inside but only on the safe parts of the tunnel.

Hoi An
This is once a fishing village and is situated on the coast of South China Sea, now it became one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. It was once an international port in the 16th Century, but it has been a long time since the shipping business is moved to another city. It is also called the Venice of Vietnam because it has a narrow canal like in Venice that cut through some parts of the town.

Ha Long Bay
It is located in the north side of Vietnam, with around 120 kilometer coastline, it is literally translated the Bay of Descending Dragons. Ha Long bay also is the top tourist spot of Vietnam, it features thousands of islands that forms a spectacular, magnificent, environment and feel to it. There is a variety of islands here, some with caves, some has lakes, some even supports villages of fisherman.

Best Attractions of Vietnam

South East Asia has one of the oldest and most popular and most wonderful trails in the world. With a lot of adventures it has to offer. People now talks about Vietnam as one of their holiday destination, with its mesmerizing coastline, and a feel to know better about this country. Vietnam has a lot it can offer for you, me and everyone depending on your taste, and Vietnam in short has a variety of places you can go. 

Our first stop is Son Tra Peninsula, it is close to Da Nang, Son Tra Peninsula offers white beaches, with very clean and even crystal clear water and forest covered mountains and beautiful coral reefs. With the Monkey Island, the best view can be viewed from above the mountain where you can see Da Nang City below with the tranquil and whiteness of the beach surrounding it.
Next stop is the Nguyen Dynasty Tombs, the tombs are spread out along the banks of Perfume River, and of the most popular places to visit in Vietnam. The tombs were built with a great precision; each of the tombs has its own character. IF you are more of a historic person this is a must-go place if you’re going to Vietnam.

And our last stop would be for the nature lovers and a place you must go if you are having vacation in Vietnam. It is none other than the most famous Halong Bay, You must go for a cruise in Halong Bay if you want to enjoy the panoramic view it offers, Halong Bay being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one the natural Wonders of the World. It isn’t even enough to justify to the bay’s mesmerizing and no-words-can-describe beauty. It has thousands islands and isles that is one of the Vietnam’s treasure. With some of it having beautiful caves, some that houses the floating fishing village. It really is such a beauty!

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